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Sally’s Place is a locally owned and operated Learning Center. . Sally’s place operates within the community and gains support from the community. It is funded privately and has been set up solely using personal funds. The whole purpose of Sally's Place is to assist and support people who struggle to access services and to enhance their chances of employment. In essence it is a place for people to come and explore their next step in life. We try to move people forward step by step and at their own pace. 


We are unique in that we partner with Registered Training Organisations to maximise the range of qualifications that our students can access.  We offer a wide range of flexible delivery methods to ensure that our students learning experiences are holistic and well supported. Our belief is that everyone is entitled to be the best they can be. In times where people struggle to find the motivation to follow their dreams, Sally's place works through the barriers that might be stopping them from taking that next step.



We have small classes that are flexible in the delivery and every one is treated as an individual.  We have worked with people with mental illness, long term unemployed, Indigenous, non English speaking and people with a disability, structuring programs for every class that give participants every opportunity to succeed. Wherever possible we are employment focused and help find an job opportunities at the end of the training  or at least a pathway into further study or other outcome. Because Sally’s Place is privately run we can support individuals in many different ways.  So different learning styles can be explored and supported to ensure the best outcome for all.


There is nothing worse that beginning to get motivated and the course is over and you fall back into the unmotivated place where you started. Sally's Place works hard to avoid that. Sally’s Place founder, Sally Poole, has spent many years working with people in need which include long term unemployed, disengaged youth, mental health, disabilities and indigenous. We encourage throughout the training and beyond and we work with Job networks and others connected to the individual to ensure the support is always present and works for the student to enhance their experience.


At Sally’s Place we teach many things and pride ourselves on being flexible and holistic in finding a solution. We work with Registered training organisations to be able to deliver accredited training . 



We network with industry and work closely with our students to ensure our students have the best chances at achieving  gainful, meaningful employment at the completion of their studies.


At Sally's Place, we have a no wrong door policy so if you need assistance just give us a call - there is always someone on the other end of the phone ready to assist.  Even if we don't have the course you are after  we can generally point you in the right direction.


Click here to see the courses and training that Sally’s place can offer you and what is happening at Sally’s Place.  Or give us a call and say hi…  you never know what you might find at Sally’s Place. You can also stay in touch with us by subscribing to our Facebook page.


Our Staff

      Sally Poole


Sally has had extensive experience in training and has delivered accredited training across a variety of areas throughout her 20 plus years in the industry. Sally is people oriented and hands on and when training with Sally you are sure to walk away with a broad knowledge of the topic but you have also had a fun learning experience. Sally believes in working holistically with each person to break down any barriers that they may have that are stopping them from moving forward and work through these first.   Sally teaches Certificate IV in Training and Assessment Disabilities and Job preparation skills. She is studying her TESOL Certificate IV and enjoys working with people from different cultures assisting them with their literacy and assimilation.. Sally’s place is a culmination of many years spent assisting people to achieve their goals and the idea that we all can all make a difference



 Ryan Barnes

Ryan is our lead First Aid and Hospitality Trainer  he has over 15 years industry experience in all areas of Hospitality.

He is considered an expert in his field and is well respected throughout the Queensland hospitality industry.  Ryan  makes training a fun experience and ensures that every learner is putting their best foot forward.  Regardless of and barriers that there may be  Ryan ensures that each student is supported and receives a great learning experience.  He believes in his students and their abilities and this is highlighted by his great outcomes and employment opportunities he has gained for his students



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