Classes run throughout the year and we can tailor the delivery to meet your needs .  Come and join in the fun  see if you are eligible for State Government funding 

Ring us today on 0404569380. Classes are held all over Queensland. 


All our courses on offer comply with the National standards.   Sallys Place works closely with each RTO to ensure all policies and procedures are followed for the organisation.


All training delivered and assessed by Sallys Place is delivered by accredited trainers who all undergo continuous training and maintain currency in their own field of expertise.


Our course cover broad industry needs, including:


  • Hospitality
  • Tourism
  • Retail
  • Business
  • Individual Support
  • Health Support Services
  • Work readiness
  • Literacy and Numeracy
  • Life skills 




People come into our courses to learn and move closer to their goal and career pathway. Sallys Place is not an RTO (Registered Training Organisation) but we work with Training organisations to be able to help people achieve their goals in a safe learning environment.


It became apparent that people were being popped into courses just because they were there. Being trainied for training's sake with no real thought going into what the person really wanted and no real job outcome at the conclusion of the training. That is not what we do!! Employment and solid outcomes for each person is our focus, not just getting a job but being able to keep it..  


We have  worked with many people over the years that found themselves in courses  where they did not want to be, doing things they hated.  Inevitably they dropped out became more entrenched in the system of helplessness  leading to  feelings of not being understood or being good enough. 


So 6 years ago we decided to do something about that and started our own RTO. This ran for 5 years and assisted over 1800 students achieve their goals. In January 2014 when ithe RTO came up for re accreditation it was decided not to re register but we would be able to help more people if we  partnered with other RTOS as we would then be able to deliver a wider variety of Accredited  courses to more people.


Sally continued to train  individuals in Certificate IV in Training and Assessment and maintains compliance and industry currency as if we were still an RTO. This continues to date and into the future of Sallys Place.  It became apparent throughout that time and  during that process that there were so many people with such a lot of knowledge in many different areas who were not able to get jobs beacuse of their age or circumstance.  


Many of our trainers are sourced from this group. Retrained as trainers and assessors they are experts in their field  they now work and assist others into new and rewarding careers. All done with the underlying  knowledghe and understanding of what its like to be marginalised. This is what makes us different and unique.


Sallys Place will look for partnerships with the RTO that hold the Qualification that the student needs. We have over 7 trainers in a wide range of industries. We are very inclusive and hollistic in the way in which we train  and if students become unwell or their circumstances become unstable then we allow them the time needed to address the barriers they have and to continue when they are ready.


Sallys Place assists everyone  there is a no wrong door policy and we offer our services to able bodied persons as well as people with disabilities, long term unemployed, mental illness, Indigenous, disengaged youth,  people form non english backgrounds  and we work with everyone individually to ensure their needs are met.


At the moment we are able to offer 

  • Hospitality  
  • RMLV Courses
  • Gaming Nominee
  • Food Safety Supervisor 
  • First Aid Training
  • Business
  • Call Center Training
  • Certificate III Individual Support
  • Certificate II in Health Support Services 
  • Certificate II Skills for Work and Vocational Pathways


Coming soon Fire Warden Training


Our partners have many other options available on their scope of registration.


But if you see something you really want to do  Just give us a call and we can usually source it for you.



If you would like to find out more or enrol in these courses, please contact us on 0404 569 380 or email us at

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