Ashka's Attic

Ashka's Attic

Exploring the Treasures HIDDEN INSIDE

ISBN: 9780992453787

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This collection has been written over 3 decades of study at the university of life. These pages hold many years of watching, experiencing and learning about life and people. It is the realisation that we all go through the same emotions and feelings, the same fears and desires the only difference for each of us is the times in our lives this occurs and the level of force with which this emotional rollercoaster happens.


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You will find there is something in these pages for everyone to relate to whether you are ready to admit it or not it is about living loving, stumbling, surviving and moving forward and discovering it will be ok just breathe and have a giggle and enjoy the ride.



"Since writing Ashka’s Attic I have expanded my family of boys and nowhave a beautiful little girl to add to my crew. I have been busy writing again and there is another book on the way. This book is a children's bookabout two Indigenous children Ruby and Ronnie, what they get up to,and the interesting characters they meet on their way to finding out howto dream big." - Sally Poole

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