Logan Community Development Network Inc   


     Was established on the 26th March 2012. 

      It was created  to:

  •       Provide coordination, promotion and networking services for the Logan Community, Employment & Training sectors
  •       To deliver innovative, effective and inclusive services to the Logan community for the benefit of individuals, families and the region as           a whole.

     LCDN is about creating :

  • Partnerships and collaboration among service providers that strengthens and directly benefit the community
  • Inclusion of all members of the community
  • The personal and social development of individuals and the whole community

      LCDN is made up of a management committee and community members. Over the years there have been a number of  management                    commitees and this year our management committe  have fostered the idea to raise funds to establish a life skills Hub in Logan.   

     The Hub will offer formal and informal  training  and will create a space for social activities and craft days, horticulture and vegetable garden.

      Everyone will be welcome.


     If you would like to know more or would like to help in any way  Please contact us through Sallys Place, 0404569380

Sally’s Place Learning Centre

PO Box 403 Browns Plains QLD 4118

0404 569380

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