Life Skills for Now and the Future


  Sally's Place is the owner of the only accredited Life skills course in Australia 

  10959NAT Certificate I in Life skills. 


   Whether it be learning to take care of yourself in a home situation or you want to further your learning with another course. This training

   helps you to gain the confidence to move forward at your own pace.

   We would be happy to come and talk about the opportunities this course offers and how it can assist the life long learning support..


  It can be delivered in a very flexible manner and allows plenty of time to achieve goals and milestones.

  There are 10 units that make up the Certificate.  7 core and 3 electives.  

  Core units are around   Personal Growth and work related.

  • NAT10959001 Develop positive self-esteem and self-image.
  • NAT10959002 Apply communication skills in the work environment.
  • NAT10959003 Apply personal management skills.
  • NAT10959004 Demonstrate sound interpersonal relations.
  • NAT10959005 Demonstrate appropriate work practices.
  • NAT10959006 Apply career development skills.
  • NAT10959007 Apply work health and safety in the work environment.

  Electives are chosen from the following

  • Administration:
  • NAT10959008 Access and use basic information and communication technologies to solve simple problems.
  • NAT10959009 Access and retrieve information and communication technologies data.
  • NAT10959010 Develop applied information technology skills.
  • NAT10959011 Operate a range of office equipment to complete routine tasks.
  • NAT19059012 Apply mailing skills.
  • Horticulture:
  • NAT10959013 Develop basic horticulture skills.
  • NAT10959014 Plant a crop by hand.
  • NAT10959015 Provide nursery plant care.
  • Hospitality:
  • NAT10959016 Plan, prepare and serve light meals and snacks.
  • NAT10959017 Organise and prepare basic foodstuffs.
  • NAT10959018 Carry out cleaning tasks.
  • NAT10959019 Provide laundry service.
  • NAT10959020 Interact with colleagues and customers.
  • NAT10959021 Provide customer service.       

Certification is through Pathways Academy RTO  46053        

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